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How Code4Couples Can Help You

Code4Couples is always rooting for you! We believe in marriage and wanting to make things work out.

Don’t forget to check out the FREE resources to keeping your relationships on the right track. 

By setting, enforcing and respecting boundaries for work and home time, you’ll start to see a difference in the quality of your personal and professional life.  Respectfully communicate your wishes and start the conversation on how to make it better. 

Introduce and implement these 6 tips: (see “Training for Couples” for more details)
1. Create rituals
2. Have a positive mindset
3. Show gratitude
4. Offer generous explanations
5. Have open, honest and respectful communication
6. Flirt with each other

Join online groups with other LEOs / spouses of LEOs to connect with others who can relate and/or volunteer in community activities to name a few. 

Choosing a counselor can be tricky.  It’s important to be able to connect and feel comfortable sharing with them.  Also, check credentials to ensure they have the backing to know what they’re talking about.  Code4Couples® offers a free consultation to see if we’re the right fit for your needs. 

Recognizing there is a problem is the first step! You are not alone in this journey.  Start by checking out Code4Couples® FREE resources to jumpstart reconnecting today! 

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