Stronger Relationships. Safer Officers.

Wellness and Peer Support is a priority for your department, county, or agency. 

You know that your personnel have a greater chance to be impacted by PTSD and to die by suicide than any other occupation. 

You see the burnout. 

Departments often miss a critical element of officer mental health and resilience: their relationships!

What keeps an officer safe on the job spills over negatively at home. Spouses and families receive the officer when they are exhausted, on the downside of hypervigilance. Training doesn’t just turn off when officer’s leave work and some of that behavior spills over into the officer’s relationships. Spouses and families do not understand why the officer is different or cannot engage which often leads to conflict and disconnection. 

Research backs that just like an officer’s work life spills over at home, home life spills over at work. This sets up a negative cycle for the officer, impacting their mental health and resilience.

Officers with a healthy and stable family life are less prone to distractions while on duty. Educating couples about the biological and neuropsychological aspects of policing enhances their relationships, making them more resilient and closely connected. Consequently, officers face fewer distractions, enabling them to concentrate better on their tasks and make safer decisions. This, in turn, impacts the officer and department relationship with the community. When they make those decisions, they come home!

Harness the resource that your law enforcement personnel need most, relationships!

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The Book

Endorsed by Dr. Ellen Kirschman as one of the best books to read if you are a cop or love one, Hold the Line is essential reading for officers and spouses. Grab the book for your academy graduates or as a part of the department or agency library. Bulk orders are available.

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Workshops and webinars for officers, spouses, or couples to empower them to counter the impact on mental and relational health and their relationships. Check out the Train the Trainer program, which includes everything you need to host your own events.

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The Hold the Line program has been an amazing blessing for our families! 

We’ve been working with our agency’s families for years trying to help them find skills that will strengthen their relationships, help them understand the root of their difficulties, and give them the support they deserve to have happier families.  The Hold the Line program has been an amazing blessing for our families!  It fills in the gaps of many of the other trainings we have been providing and really helps people to understand the unique relationship challenges we face as law enforcement families.  Thanks to Cyndi for her efforts to share and make a difference!
Chaplain Spencer

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Code4Couples is committed to empowering law enforcement officers, partners, and departments with the information and tools they need to understand the psychological and relational impact of the job and create connected relationships between officers and families, leading to increased resilience and officer safety.

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About Cyndi Doyle: Therapist & Wife of a LEO

As a licensed therapist and LEO spouse, I THOUGHT I understood the unique struggles in a police marriage. There was so much more that I didn’t know! No one told us that the very training that kept him safe every day also would cause our disconnection. Because I don’t want you to struggle with the same learning curve, I created Code4Couples®, so you can have the education and tools to keep your relationship Code 4!

Cyndi Doyle