Mindset and Control

Kristofor Healey discusses how adapting a calm mindset can help maximize your life on shift and at home.


There are some people that just inspire you to be better. Kristofor Healey is one of those people. Kristofor was an award-winning special agent with the government for over 15 years, taking on some of the world’s most notorious criminal organizations. He’s a keynote speaker, a coach, podcast host, and the author of The Indispensable Man, which he describes as the Tactical Plan for the Modern Man. Kristofor is currently finishing up a second book, which he hopes to have out by October. Today, Kristofor and I talk about his outlook on life and philosophy, which impacts who he is today. He wants to positively impact more men to be indispensable. This is a podcast that will inspire you to do just a little better.

(02:41-811): Kristofor discusses his background and how 9/11 changed the direction of his career.

(09:14): During a transitional point in his life, Kristofor found a new mindset surrounded by life lessons in understanding what you can/cannot control, what you do, and how to put yourself in a position to maximize your life by leaning into cardinal virtues of courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom, much like Marcus Aurelius, an emperor of Rome.

(11:28- 13:00):  Allow yourself to be centered and recognize that there are certain things in life that you cannot control. Once you have that mindset, you can do incredible things.

(13:34): The locus of control is very similar to this mindset in the sense that it has concentric circles about things you cannot influence, things you can influence but not control, and the things you can control.

(15:00): Keep an even and calm mind because fate is going to do what it does. The call is going to come in. You’re getting called out to a kidnapping, or a shooting, and you don’t have any control over that.

(15:51): Have control over your actions, how you react, and keep a calm mind with a sense of composure as you’re approaching situations. Don’t react emotionally to everything you recognize and understand.

Saying, “I control these things.”  allows you to do your job better and to be more responsive to the needs of others. It allows you to maintain compassion towards others, recognizing that all of us are interconnected. “

(16:37): The belief that those in law enforcement or in careers where trauma is witnessed need to approach certain situations with calmness.

“Officers have to be the calmest person in the storm, and every shift is a storm.”

(18:12- 19:26): Creating calmness can spill over into and benefit your family system.

(21:16- 22:53): A core principle in law enforcement is the three domains of time, the past, present, and future.

(25:22- 28:16): Mindset affects and impacts relationships.

(29:13): To adapt this mindset, you must learn to experience adversity voluntarily and cultivate a stronger mindset. You want to cultivate a mindset that allows you to approach life better prepared for the storms that are going to come.

(30:47): At the end of the day, sit down and ask yourself three questions. What did I do today? What could I have done better? And what do I want to do tomorrow?

(33:12): When adversity is not a part of your mindset, your body doesn’t understand that it can get through tough situations. Introducing that struggle to your body helps it to biologically understand that certain things may be hard and other things end.

(36:33- 39:03): Kristofor discusses his book, Indispensable: A Tactical Plan for the Modern Man, and how it focuses on men becoming more indispensable.

(40:45): Kristofor’s second book focuses on daily stoic meditations for law enforcement to practice right before they go into their shift.

(50:46): Adapting a mindset of calmness and understanding that you are not in control all the time will help you find your purpose, achieve your objectives, maximize your life, and become more indispensable to your family,  and workplace communities.

Kristofor Healey is a former DHS Special Agent who spent more than 15 years in federal law enforcement directing large scale, multi-defendant fraud and public corruption investigations domestically and overseas. Healey is now a public speaker, author of two books, Indispensable: A Tactical Plan for the Modern Man and the upcoming In Valor: 365 Stoic Meditations for First Responders, and is the host of The Indispensable Man podcast where he uses his experiences in law enforcement and endurance racing to teach lessons on leadership and overcoming adversity.

The Indispensable Man Podcast – Kristofor Healey

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Mindset and Control

Kristofor Healey discusses how adapting a calm mindset can help maximize your life on shift and at home.