Issues and Topics that Impact Law Enforcement Officers and Families

We talk about research-based information and real experiences from law enforcement personnel, spouses, couples, and subject matter experts to help you to help you connect, learn, and grow personally and as a couple.


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Be Better or Be Bitter

Doug Wyman his story of his family’s struggles with drugs, sexuality, gender, mental health, and suicide, all while he was helping his community walk through theirs.

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About Cyndi Doyle: Therapist & Wife of a LEO

As a licensed therapist and LEO spouse, I THOUGHT I understood the unique struggles in a police marriage. There was so much more that I didn’t know! No one told us that the very training that kept him safe every day also would cause our disconnection. Because I don’t want you to struggle with the same learning curve, I created Code4Couples®, so you can have the education and tools to keep your relationship Code 4!

Cyndi Doyle


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