Adam Davis talks about how he was able to overcome the impact his trauma had on his career and relationships and what led him to write, Unconquered.


Trigger warning: before listening to this podcast or reading the show notes, please be aware that the content discussed involves sexual abuse and suicide.

Adam is a former law enforcement officer and an FBI-trained hostage negotiator. He knows the challenges that law enforcement officers face in their careers and holding their relationships and personal lives together. He left law enforcement in 2015 and devoted his time to creating tools and resources to impact the minds and souls of law enforcement officers, spouses, and relationships. He has written several books to support law enforcement relationships and officers’ minds as well. Spirituality is a big part of his life, but it’s also really grounding. He has a new book coming out, called Unconquered.

Adam discusses his childhood years and what led him to write, Unconquered.

8:39: Faith-based childhood created a strong foundation for a career in law enforcement, despite some challenges.

11:40: Sexual abuse he experienced at the age of five.

12:36: How he was paralyzing fear instilled in him by the perpetrator.

14:31: The physical impact the abuse had on his body.

15:28-17:33: The second sexual abuse incident at the age of 15 and the desire for approval among his peers and community members.

18:40: The impact of the sexual abuse left him unable to trust while hiding wounds for many years.

19:43-20:34: How his trauma took away from his childhood and also spilled over into his adult life.

20:34-22:39: Unconquered was created was to share the untold story of his trauma and how it impacted his career and relationships with his wife and family.

24:29- 26:28: How hate and forgiveness impacted him being able to start healing.

28:14- 34:31: How his trauma impacted his career and relationships and how he numbed the impact of his trauma with alcohol and suicidal thoughts.

35:21- 37:18: Discusses separation from his wife and explains his children did not want to be around him. Adam did not think there was any way out of the spiral.

38:07- 44:05: Having the courage to keep fighting by leaning on his faith. This is the time in Adam’s life when he began writing, not only to help himself but to help others.

45:47- 49:17: Discusses 10 principles called the Unconquered Code which helped him build resiliency.

51:00: Adam doesn’t consider himself a victim and wants to help others find the courage to deal with their trauma through healing, resiliency, and finding faith. You have to believe in something bigger than yourself and apply the 10 principles of the Unconquered Code.

52:36-53:44: “I live unconquered. Nothing’s gonna stop me. I’m not backing down. I’m not giving in and in fact, whenever I defeat my demons, I’m gonna fight for a brother or sister next to me. What makes us great, is when we fight for each other.”

53:55- 55:56: 50% of first responders have childhood trauma, but they do not identify it. Find the courage and vulnerability to talk about it and share your story.

56:15-58:55: Wrap up and encouragement to live Unconquered.

To download a free chapter of Adam’s new book Unconquered and The Unconquered Code, visit: theadamdavis.com 


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Adam Davis talks about how he was able to overcome the impact his trauma had on his career and relationships and what led him to write, Unconquered.