Thriving In and Out of the Career

In this podcast episode, host Cyndi Doyle interviews Brian Ellis, a retired law enforcement officer and creator of Magnus Worx, about the importance of wellness and resilience in the law enforcement profession. Wellness is not just a physical issue, but also a mental one, and it is crucial for law enforcement organizations to prioritize the well-being of their personnel. Ellis discusses the alarming state of public safety well-being and the need for organizations to take action to support their employees. He also highlights the importance of data in measuring the effectiveness of wellness programs and the role of technology in providing a safe and anonymous environment for individuals to express their needs and concerns. Ellis encourages law enforcement personnel to prioritize their own wellness and seek out resources and support, and emphasizes the need for organizations to adopt a strategic and holistic approach to wellness.  

Must have Conversations for Every Law Enforcement Couple

My husband and I were super naive when it came to understanding how his job was going to impact our relationship. I saw it as a career path, just like any other. I mean, sure, there was danger and shift work, but what more could there be?

The Impact of Moral Injuries

Moral Injuries are a significant yet often unrecognized issue among first responders. Understanding what a moral injury is and recognizing its potential impact on careers and families is crucial to their overall wellness.

Communication Challenges in Special Assignments

Communication and connection are a challenge for all of us in law enforcement relationships. There are some extra special challenges when you’re on call all the time or you’re in situations where you just can’t talk due to being in a special assignment such as undercover work or maybe the part of a SWAT team.

Let Family In

“I just don’t want to burden my spouse with what I experience on the job” is a way of protecting the people that you love. I always thought my husband was open only to find out later that this happened a few times within our relationship.


We have all worked in a toxic work environment due to the workplace culture, co-workers, supervisors, or the work itself.   

To Hell and Back

In this podcast episode, host Cyndi Doyle interviews John Blumenthal, a Retired Master Sergeant (Ret.) with the Oklahoma City Police Department.


We all know that this lifestyle means long hours and lots of stress. Loss of sleep only impacts stress further. When does stress become burnout?