Sighting in Your Relationship Scope

Working frequently with law enforcement, I come up with several creative metaphors to help to link and connect.  I’m grateful that I know the lingo and processes of various things.  This gives you a little insight into how my mind works to create that connection to concepts in the field and in your relationship.

Staying Connected With Your Kids on Shift

Here are some tips to maintain a close relationship with your kids when you are not always present.  If your kids are young, your spouse might have to help out with some of these.

OMG! This is What it Means for Him to be a COP! My 9-11 Awakening

It was a family wedding. My cousin was getting married in New York and I had already bought tickets for my husband and I to fly out from Texas to the wedding in September 2001. He would get to meet my grandmother finally and get to know my mother’s side of the family in the smallish town where she was raised. It was a family event. Of course we were expected. Of course he would go. But he couldn’t.

Why Crowds and Lines Can Be Overwhelming. OODA Loop

The OODA Loop is a process of decision making and was coined by Col. John Boyd, a fighter pilot in the Korean war. His observations of human behavior and reaction times made him very successful during the war and he wound up training many other pilots on his technique.

Cop Hate: A Changing World for LEOs and Their Family

In the almost 17 years that I have been a wife of an officer, I have not experienced more fear for my husband and our friends in multiple departments than I do currently.  The fear and anxiety I felt during 9-11 and after was different.  This just seems much more personal.

Colliding with Control at Home

Control seems to be a common theme and dare I say goal among all the officers I work with and a common complaint among those married to them.  It translates to my own relationship as well as my friends who are in the field.  So, let’s look at control and how the positive attribute/ability for one partner hurts the other partner so greatly.

Why He Doesn’t Share His Day

As a new officer, my husband shared a lot about his shift.  Every day was something new and it was exciting to him to be involved in situations at work.  He would often come home and tell me what had happened.  As time went on, he shared less and less.